Yogic Profile

With a professional career in yoga spanning over 16 years, Acharya Arun Prakash’s achievements are a culmination of years of rigorous practice and dedicated learning.

Acharya Arun began learning yoga at the age of seven under Arvindji at Hassan.  Between the ages of 11 through 14, he practiced the Lonavala style of yoga with the Guidance of Dr. Padmanabha in Ujire.

At the Poorna Prajna Vidyapeetha Gurukula, with access to Tantric Hata Yoga and other authentic source texts, he trained in Hata Yoga and attained an opportunity to learn Hatavinaysa (Mysore Style) for about three years under the guidance of Sri Rajendra Reddy and Sri Lakshminarayana.

Upon completing his graduate studies, he worked as the Director for Therapy and Education at Svyrrht. He founded the “Surakash Foundation” with his fellow trustees and was the Executive President in the year 2011. Meanwhile he was working as a Power Yoga instructor at Figurine Fitness — a leading fitness studio.

He later served as Chief Coordinator and International co- ordinator for the International Conference on Yoga, Naturopathy and Arogya Expo-2012, for one year which involved the conducting and managing of events and pre-conferences that raise awareness about Yoga, Naturopathy and Holistic Health systems to the masses.

Apart from being a visiting faculty for Teachers’ Training Yoga at Asana Andiappan College of Yoga and Research Centre, Chennai, he was the Chief Coordinator for international spiritual masters meet at the International Conference on Yoga, Ayurveda, Spirituality Expo 2013.

He founded and established Jeevana Yoga Pratisthana, Lifestyle Yoga in August, 2011. Jeevana Yoga offers a platform to explore yoga and other ancient Indian lifestyle sciences. Under a unified umbrella, it will allow people to explore the various aspects of yoga, including the history and origins of Yoga, developing a practice based on Hata Jeevana Vinyasa and an opportunity to learn Sanskrit without which any study of Yoga is incomplete. Spends his leisure writing Health columns , occasionally appears on talk shows on the Hindu Radio in Australia and on Udaya TV Sun networks Pvt Ltd.