Shanti Kriya

The bliss within

Shanti Kriya is a unique combination of classical mantra and laya yoga.
Unwrap the hidden fount of potential and bliss deep within you,
eliminating stress and energy blocks.The benefits
of practicing these kriyas includes catharsis alleviating stress and its attendant complications
Both the techniques will be taught in a manner which can be replicated safely for home
practice. See the autonomic symptoms of high anxiety such as headache, giddiness, chest pain,palpitations, sweating and abdominal pain disappear after the practice.


lekhaI started my first Shanti Kriya session with an absolutely lack of knowledge of what to expect, except for the anticipation of some sound sleep to follow in the weeks that come through. Nevertheless, the journey which unfolded was much beyond anything I could foresee.

In that state of deep meditation I could easily confront some of my past life visions, from a state of awareness rather than discomfort. This heightened state also made me conscious of the blocked energy flow through my spine, which was rather heavy and uncomfortable, yet I managed to live with it in oblivion until that moment, only to feel an extreme sense of lightness in the weeks to follow. I felt like a window of awareness was opened in the days that followed, as normal mundane events of my life seemed to be either showing me parts of myself with clarity or was a process of helping me purge bottled up emotions. It felt much like a cathartic and cleansing experience making me feel lighter and more confident of myself.

Shaanti Kriya for me was a way of improving almost everything in my day to day life; it’s an experience that took me where I was meant to be with a flow that feels natural and yet unthinkable.

Lekha Pathiyil