Jeevana Philosophy

Jeevana Yoga is about holistic living, taking into account every aspect of life, starting from breath and movement to deep spiritual awareness, complete fitness, and optimal use of our every sense, indeed, of every cell in our brain and body . Jeeva, the soul which resides in the body can control spirit with the help of Yoga. Pranadharana i.e., grounding the soul in the body with help of healthy process of respiration is called Jeevana.

While classical yoga is more of a way of life, an ideal state of “being” which might not apply completely to the ubiquitous fast-lane living of today, there exists a need to possess a body in-tune with one’s spirit to cope with the demands of the modern lifestyle. Recognising this requisite of human society, “Jeevana Yoga” was founded—a contemporary execution of ancient science.

Jeevanyoga is based on the philosophy that ecstatic living is key. A sound body and a sound mind is considered to be integral and hence, Jeevan Yoga aims to help ground your soul in your body—thus diminishing purposeless drift by encouraging a deeper consciousness of self and sensitivity to the senses of the body.

So, with Jeevana Vinyasa, holistic Classical Hata practice, Jeevan Yoga aims to stimulate and nurture a much needed life of sublime ecstasy. .