Jeevana Yoga Style – Hata Jeevana Vinyasa

As a daily regime,Jeevana Vinyasa is a revolutionary Yoga offering by Acharya Arun Prakash. It takes a 360 degree approach to modern life style and its complications. Its unique combination of the spontaneous intensity of Hata yoga and therapeutic moves aims to cure lifestyle disorders, holistically promoting fitness, health and spiritual advancement. The approach is unique in combining Sagarbha -Antar Trataka along with powerful spontaneous meditative moves. It believes in creating natural internal props, in order to boost natural and emotional intelligence and unlock the hidden potential of the self. Hata Jeevana Vinyasa is unique in that it takes into account seasonal, regional and individual requirements. The practice is structured with care and modified regularly.



” Being a fitness freak, I used to think that one can keep their body fit only by hitting the gym. But Jeevana Yoga changed my perception. After going to the gym, I would feel very tired and drained throughout the day. This also made my body stiff, rigid and heavy. But after I started practicing Yoga through Jeevana Yoga, I feel very energetic, light, flexible and have become very active. I don’t believe in learning Yoga through short courses that offer certification. It should be practiced daily and should be a part of your life.  There are very few gurus who can enlighten you and make you connect with that knowledge. I am very fortunate to get Shri Arun Prakash Acharya as my Guru who is one of the best Yoga Gurus in the city today”
D Rameshbabu,Corporate Professional.