International Hata Yoga Teachers Training Course


This Classical Hata Yoga teachers training aimed to explore Classical Hata Vidya to modern generation to without deviating much from original Yoga Vidya meant.

This is unique training where the students get opportunity to learn not only yoga Asanas! Hata yoga tradition and its original Language Sanskrit. Learning Sanskrit is mandatory.

Most of the courses will run as per Hata yoga gurukula system.


Introduction Jeevana Vinyasa

  • Unique Hata practice designed based on classical Hata Vidya reffence to meet modern yogi requirements.
  • Sukshma yoga: Uniquely designed total body warm up including ligaments and tendons with mindful meditative moves.
  • Prepares body mind and soul to Hata Yoga Asana and other practices. Very essential in order to avoid the yoga injuries.
  • Karna Chaitnaya Kriya: It enhances mind power and awareness towards practice. Prepares mind for further hata Yoga practice.
  • Surya Upasana: This is called upasana because the classical hata yoga components like pratahara,antar trataka, prana flow, meditative moves will enhance general surya namasakar.
  • Traditional Hata Yoga (Vidya): Here we discuss the Technology and mechanisms of Hata Vidya as per Hata Sampradaya with classical includes practical, the theory.

Some of the major components are-

  • Asana, Kriya, Pranayama, Hata Yoga Mudras, Kumbakas (generally known as pranayama)
  • Hata Sampradaya : Food- dress code- Mata Lakshana ( Yoga Shala/studios set up) – Yama Niyama (not astanga) as per traditional and classical Hata References.
  • Samadhi, Nadi-chakra-prana and its functions.
  • History of yogic literature, Yogic Physiology.
  • Human body from the perception of Yoga Tradition.
  • Teaching methodology in detailed experience with Acharya Arun.
  • Talk like an Real Yogi.
    Basic Sanskrit Yogic vocabulary -phonetics – basic spoken Sanskrit for a complete yogi.
  • Ayurveda and home remedies for primary health management
    Philosophy classes, Modern anatomy and physiology.
    Along with this if students wish pilgrimages and yoga tour can be arranged.

Teacher Certification

After careful assessment of performance, those students that meet the requirements for successful completion will receive certification from Jeevana Yoga to teach Jeevana Yoga as an independent teacher.

For certified teachers, post‐training support will be provided by Jeevana Yoga on various levels. A continuing training process may be required for teachers to maintain their certification on an ongoing basis.

Accredited and affiliatedYAI-Emblem1 with Yoga Alliance International

200 + hours,300+ hours and 500+ hour





My perception of yoga totally changed after joining  Jeevana Yoga. My passion has turned out to be my life style. I don’t think teachers training in any other institute would be as detailed as the one in Jeevana Yoga. It is a wonderful experience to be a part of ITTC (international teachers training certification) . Thanks to Aacharya for everything.



                   Niveditha Bolde

I feel lucky to have walked into the “Jeevana Yoga Teacher Training Course” and be given such precious teachings.The training is a wonderful all round course covering all aspects of yoga, wide diversity of experienced teacher Acharya Arun is a plus.This Course as an important turning point in my life that allowed changes to happen from the inside. Jeevana Yoga leads by example, making it possible for the soul to perceive the greater good. I Cannot conceive a better way to bring together the knowledge one needs to practice and teach yoga safely and confidently. This course showed me how Yoga goes way beyond Asana and pranayama, and into a way of living and being.

Acharya  Arun Prakash is amazing human being and authentic teacher full of compassion. His unique course has given me a much deeper understanding of Yoga and Myself. I have learnt how to use yoga as medicine to support myself, and given me confidence to teach others.

I feel I am a lighter, brighter, stronger person, enjoying the real challenges and new observations each day brings. I feel very lucky that Jeevana Yoga was my introduction into the yoga world.  “The knowledge, the wisdom, the experience, the skills and the energy that I got through this course are indescribable. I connected to myself in a way I could not imagine possible in such a short period of time. The content of this yoga training went way beyond my expectations. I am truly grateful” To The wonderful Jeevana Yoga Community! I am forever grateful for the illuminating experiences which have affected my life in a such a profound and positive way!

I will recommend to anyone who not only interested in getting a deep knowledge of Classical Hatha yoga theory and practice, but also wants to get to know themselves better and feel more balanced.

I walked in as a yoga practitioner, I walked out as a complete and confident Yoga Teacher! Thanks to the wonderful Acharya, you made me a new person! Forever grateful.


If you are looking to learn a pure form of Yoga -as it has originated and the science behind it ,want to understand the classical Indian hatha Yoga as it is, then this is the place. I learned and experienced the basics of Yoga and felt great in and out. Acharya Arun Prakash helps you to learn and experience Yoga in a smooth way. Could find the changes within me within a week. Joined for IYTTC and it was a great experience

Vani Bhat