Jeevana Yoga brings you a wide spectrum of courses spanning the entire gamut of yoga training. From Professional teachers training, yoga therapy, to power packed classes, to rejuvenation camps, learning Sanskrit language and becoming familiar with popular Spiritual discourse.

Jeevana Yoga

Sharira Madhyam Kalu Dharma Sadhanam, said our rishis, pointing out that a healthy body is a starting point for all right and effective action in this world. Jeevana Yoga is a revolutionary Yoga offering by Acharya Arun Prakash. It takes a 360 degree approach to modern life style and its complications. A Kriya,Pranayama, Pavana Muktha- Total body warm-up routine, Karna Chaitnya Kriya, Surya Upaasana, Hata Yoga asanas and Shanti Kriya are brought together where meditative, therapeutic moves help heal and rejuvenate the practitioner. The asanas and the sequence is carefully put together, and frequently modified and fine-tuned to suit individual practitioners, to create a practice targeted at those leading modern lifestyles, with its stresses and strains. Lifestyle disorders / Hormonal Disorders like stress, backpain, joint pain, PCOD, Thyroid and diabetes etc are effectively addressed. While the practice is moderately rigorous, expect more than just sweat! This is classical Hata yoga, where no props are used – except, natural, internal ones.


What we typically practice as the 12 moves of the Suryanamaskar is no ordinary practice – the ancient hatha yogis intended it as a complete upasana by itself, and the basic moves are only the foundation for what Jeevana Yoga teaches as a comprehensive Suryopasana.

Ghata Shuddi

Yogic detoxification processes

Today our food, water and air is contaminated to varying degrees. Is it any wonder that our mind and bodies, already vulnerable, are also being contaminated? What we do, what we say, even our smiles, are contaminated.

No medicine, no therapy will work, unless the body is detoxified. These practices are intended to cleanse our internal organs and functioning, and prepare them for both healing and higher states., all use the five natural elements (the pancha bhootas) to achieve detoxification. Our bodies, too after all, are composed of these very pancha bhootas. Whether internally or externally, when the elements are not in balance, there is disorder, disruption, or even chaos.


Pavanamuktha exercises are used as a warm-up routine that is practiced before a session of Hata Yoga Asanas to avoid Yoga Injuries – but it can also a complete routine in itself, incorporating a series of moves that activate every nerve and muscle in the body. These exercises help to release the “vayu” accumulated in the body and distribute them equally. Once learnt, can be practiced anywhere, anytime, where you have a few minutes for yourself.

Shanti Kriya

Deep states of relaxation for complete mind-body rejuvenation

Give your mind a chance to get into the hallowed space between wakefulness and sleep, opening deep recesses in your mind while your body relaxes. Techniques extracted from laya yoga and mantra yoga have been adapted to expunge stress knots and toxins from both mind and body. Particularly useful for those needing to alleviate high levels of anxiety, stress, and psychosomatic pains and disorders.

Holistic Weight Loss Programme

Obesity is a common modern day ailment that is both a symptom as well as a cause of other related diseases. Our endeavour is to address the cause of obesity rather than merely treating the symptom. Not wanting to follow the one size fits all method; we prefer to delve into the individual causes of obesity. Based on our evaluation we work with individual patients, offering detoxification solutions, smart and intense yoga workouts, a personalized diet, Ayurvedic consultation and personalized medication. For instance for hormonal imbalance we work on the hormones that cause one to gain weight.

Corporate Jeevana Yoga

One of the wonders of Jeevana Yoga is that it can now be tailor made to suit different settings and as a readily available remedy for groups of individuals who cannot make time for Jeevana Yoga Daily Practice. It is a low-cost option for employers to contribute to employees’ overall health while helping them to work harmoniously together and also improve perception about their job and their work environment.

They are designed to fit the needs of the individuals of the group and are suitable for almost everyone, even beginners.

Jeevana Yoga brings rejuvenation to you in 3 different ways!!

  • Corporates can arrange a visit the Jeevana Yoga studio for personalised classes.
  • Jeevana Yoga visits your work premises to share knowledge of Yoga.
  • Alternatively, we can go to a recreational retreat and experience the treasure that is Yoga.
Along with this we will provide other short term workshops Yoga for spinal care,
  • Desktop Yoga – Yoga techniques which can be practiced while working at your workstation.
  • Yogic Stress Management. Special focus for Night-Shift Employees Course focused on employees who work in night shifts. Yoga techniques to resolve issues like insomnia, vision problems, unstable body-clock, etc.
  • Yoga for Women Wellness Specialized program for women-specific health problems.
  • Personal Yogic Lifestyle Counselling – Customized sessions for individuals.
  • Karnachaitanya Kriya (Yoga For Brain) – A 3 Minute Classical Tantra Practice to help revitalize the brain.
  • Home Remedies for Common Corporate illnesses.

Nirmaya Yoga (Traditional Yoga Therapy)

Yoga therapy is typically conducted one-on-one or in small groups. It is resembles meeting a physical therapist rather than a typical yoga class. Niramaya Jeevana Yoga provides therapy for ailments such as diabetes, asthma, Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD), hyper-tension and other life style disorders.

Talk like a real yogi (Spoken Sanskrit Classes)

Jeevana Yoga conducts a short 21-hour programme aimed to promote the learning and use of spoken Sanskrit. These entry-level classes are designed to make anyone without any prior knowledge of Sanskrit, speak the language. We have adopted a fun way of teaching this unique language with lot of highly interactive sessions, game and more.

Sanskrit is the language of yoga and Ayurveda with a lot of terms and phrases requiring a basic understanding of usage and meaning, and using English in such situations may be clumsy and inaccurate. Besides the recitation of Sanskrit sholkas and mantras is sometimes seen as being complementary to yogic practice.