Corporate Jeevana (Corporate Yoga)

One of the wonders of Jeevana Yoga is that it can now be tailor made to suit different settings and as an instant remedy for groups of individuals who cannot make time for Jeevana Yoga Daily Practice. One of the advantages of the Corporate Jeevana yoga programme is it can be a low-cost option for employers to contribute to employees’ overall health while helping them to work harmoniously together and also improve perception about their job and their work environment.

They are designed to fit the needs of the individuals of the group and are suitable for almost everyone even beginners.
Jeevana Yoga brings rejuvenation to you in 3 different ways!!

• Corporates can arrange a visit the Jeevana Yoga studio for personalised classes.
• Jeevana Yoga visits your work premises to share knowledge of Yoga.
• Alternatively, we can go to a recreational retreat and experience the treasure that is Yoga


sreedhar“It has been 1 year since, I have been learning yoga from you. Your class is a perfect balance of meditation and physical endurance and you teach in such a relaxing and therapeutic manner, that we hardly realize how hard we are working. You guide us through every step in the class and each class I feel that I am stronger and able to work harder than the last. I could certainly feel the difference in my body and mind after each session. It is truly incredible how something so soothing as yoga practice can tone and strengthen your body, especially in places most other forms of exercise neglect. I also enjoy the tips on food habits & other topics which you provide daily.”
Sridhara Dharmarajan, Country Head, MSC software