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“I have been going regularly for the daily practice at Jeevana Yoga….and there has been an experiential difference since the early days and now. I managed to do the back bend with Acharyas help on the very first day of class, which I thought was brilliant, but now I realise that yoga is not about doing back flips or head stands, it’s about being able to go in and out of one’s body and mind at will and with ease. Its about closing one’s eyes to the world and going into the deep recesses of our mind and body. It helps that there is no pain at the end of the work out and one feels recharged rather than drained.” Aparna M Sridhar Editor & C.E.O Samagana Magazine.

Our Courses

Jeevana Yoga brings you a wide spectrum of courses spanning the entire gamut of yoga training. From Professional teachers training, yoga therapy, to power packed classes, to rejuvenation camps, learning Sanskrit language and becoming familiar with popular Spiritual discourse.

Jeevana Vinyasa

As a daily regime,Jeevana Vinyasa is a revolutionary Yoga offering by Acharya Arun Prakash. It takes a 360 degree approach to modern life style and its complications.

Shanti Kriya

Shanti Kriya is a unique combination of classical mantra and laya yoga. Unwrap the hidden fount of potential and bliss deep within you, eliminating stress and energy blocks.

Corporate Yoga

One of the wonders of Jeevana Yoga is that it can now be tailor made to suit different settings and as an instant remedy for groups of individuals who cannot make time for Jeevana Yoga Daily Practice.

Weight Loss Sutra

Obesity is a common modern day ailment that is both a symptom as well as a cause of other related diseases. Our endeavour is to address the cause of obesity rather than merely treating the symptom.